Waiting for Savage Requiem??

Enjoy the new website meanwhile!

We are working hard to refresh the style, feeling and communication from Magic Kingdom’s new website, in the meantime enjoy the refreshed website and share your opinions via Facebook, very soon we will add options to keep social networks and the official Website synced together for a better fan experience!!

What can you expect in the future weeks?

  • Bugs! We are working heavily on the site coding to implement new features, expect things not working as expected!
  • New Artwork! Savage Requiem means also a new website artwork, new design is here, new artwork coming soon!
  • Shopping! We expect to re-open it as soon as possible.
  • Supporting! Do you want to participate in the production of Magic Kingdom media such as video clips?
  • Communication! Comment, give feedback, booking information, etc…
  • And much more! We want to make the website very dynamic and closer to fans, expect lot of improvements!