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Awesome new reviews of SOW!
December 20, 2010

great new reviews of ‘Symphony Of War ‘ added in the MEDIA section! Enjoy!

Mindview mag in Benelux rates SOW 7/7 Platinum! and say ‘this is  the best belgian metal album of the last Ten years!’ It’s a great 9,5/10 More ‘Symphony Of War’ reviews in the media section!

Symphony Of War Limited edition. Disc 1 1.Symphony Of War 5:28 2.We Rise 5:37 3.Million Sinners World 6:05 4. Evil Magician 8:14 5. In The Name Of Heathen Gods 3:47 6. Monte Cristo 3:50 7.I’m A Lionheart 5:05 8. Sleeping Beauty (Bonus Track) 5:36 9. No Mercy For The Enemy (Bonus Track) 5:38 10.Unholy Abyss [...]

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